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Thanks for visiting my site!

This website is here to direct you to different inspirational sites I have created to inspire and encourage you in your walk with God. 

To go to my Facebook page "Inspired to Action By Rebecca M Pratt you can click on this link:

Check out my Youtube channel at this link below to hear inspiring 3 minute messages.

To check out the organization I am the Co-Founder and President of called Orphan Relief and Rescue, go to:

I am excited to let you know about my latest book called"Inspired to Live an Extraordinary Life", Even through Difficult Circumstances. This book will ignite your soul, and inspire you in your walk with God!

You can purchase this on at this link below:

To see my book trailer on Inspired to Live an Extraordinary Life, Even through Difficult Circumstances, go to this link:

If you have not read my first book, "Inspired to Action", You will want to get this one as well. Packed with story after story of God's incredible faithfulness. 

This is a must read for anyone who wants to make a difference in this world. If you are going on a mission trip or are in church leadership, Entire congregations are being stimulated to action through reading this book. People are being challenged to live life differently in partnership with God to make a difference. People are being inspired to action.

You can order my book on Just click on this link:

Click on this link to watch my book trailer.

If you would like to have Rebecca speak to your group contact her at [email protected] Ph. 206-453-3158