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This website is here to inspire you to action for the sake of yourself and others. Come on this journey with me and say "yes" to all that God asks of you. This will become the greatest adventure of your life!
Every day God is giving us opportunities to partner with him for the sake of seeing people set free, or for the sake of being the conduit for God to do a miracle in someone's life. God is prompting our hearts daily to do something, anything - sometimes small, sometimes great.

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 This is a must read for anyone who wants to make a difference in this world. If you are going on a mission trip or are in church leadership, Entire congregations are being stimulated to action through reading this book.  People are being challenged to live life differently in partnership with God to make a difference. People are being inspired to action.

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To get a sneak peak inside the book you can read the introduction on my  blog in archived posts.

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The comments below are some of what people are already saying about the book who have read the manuscript.

“This book was a riveting read. I felt like I was given insight into Rebecca’s journey in a very personal manner. It is an inspiring and challenging experience. As we read her  account, we face our own fears and find the courage to take  action on behalf of those in need.”  
-Steve Martin, CEO, Love146  (Working to abolish child sex slavery and exploitation)

 “This account of an exceptional undertaking in Africa is a challenge to anyone who struggles with the question of why so many of our world’s children are allowed to suffer.  It is a thought-provoking narrative that will help shape your outlook on these burning issues. Inspired to Action is an inspiration to abandon the ordinary and live a life fully committed to following God’s promptings and leadings as  we walk in accord with His will.” 
 -David O’Connor, CFRE, Owner,   Five Oaks Consulting 

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