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Rebecca's Bio


Rebecca Pratt is the President and co-founder of a Christian non-profit called Orphan Relief and Rescue, founded in 2007. She has invested more than 24 years in mission work in both Central America and West Africa. She lived in Benin and Liberia for 2 years with her family. This is where the plight of the orphans and abandoned children in Africa became extremely evident. Through Orphan Relief and Rescue they have rescued hundreds of children from being sold into slavery, and have helped hundreds of parents start businesses through their micro finance savings and loans program in Benin. Sharing the transforming love of Christ is pivotal in everything she does both internationally and domestically. She also works to educate and empower people to end abuse and to stand up for the defenseless and to walk in all that God prompts their hearts to walk in.

People are deeply inspired as they hear Rebecca’s passionate and moving messages. She has spoken to a variety of audiences, and is relevant and deeply challenging. In the writing world she has written numerous articles for newspapers, and has published three books.

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Rebecca's Books

To order Rebecca’s books visit:


Inspired to Action, How following the promptings of your heart can change the world.

Inspired to Live an Extraordinary Life, Even through difficult circumstances.

From My Bed to My Destiny, Overcoming Depression and Anxiety.  Book and Workbook.

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