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Inspired to Action blog posts by Rebecca Pratt


Are you fulfilling what God has planned for you in this season of your life? Are you living at your capacity?

Each of us are at a very different place in life. Some of us have a large capacity to do huge things, others of us have a very limited capacity due to the restraints of life circumstances or because of health issues.

Regardless of what season you are in, each of us have been called to live to the fullest in partnership with our amazing God who created us. He has beautiful plans for our lives and the lives of those in front of us.

Through every redemption and restoration story, and every rescue mission that I have been a part of, God constantly shows me how deeply involved He is in every detail.  I am humbled daily by God choosing to use us ordinary people to do the extraordinary in partnership with Him.  I have decided to stop asking the “why me” question, and to just walk forward in what God has set before me and has tasked me to do. This has become a very exciting and rewarding way to live.

In my bible reading in Nehemiah, I am reminded of how strategic God is with all of us. Nehemiah was an Israelite and a servant to the king in the Persian palace sometime during the 70 year period when God had allowed the Babylonian people to capture and to enslave the Israelites due to their sins against Him.  Nehemiah was the cup bearer to the king. (Someone who served wine to him).  Nehemiah honored the king every day he served him, and therefore had incredible favor with him and his wife the queen.  

After serving faithfully for years,  Nehemiah gets word from a friend that the protective wall in Jerusalem is in ruins and the Israelites who had escaped, or who were released from their captivity after years of service were not protected. They were being tormented and were in great distress from the neighboring people.
Due to the favor with the king, Nehemiah was granted permission to go back to Jerusalem to rebuild the wall.

What stuck out to me was that Nehemiah was very specific to specify who was doing what on the wall, and that each Israelite living in Jerusalem had a part to play.

In Nehemiah chapter 3 it was clear that some were repairing a large portion of the wall, and others were simply doing what was right in front of them.  We do not know the details of why some were tasked with much and why some were tasked with smaller amounts, but what we do know, is that everyone was involved, and each was given a task according to what their capacity was.

Strategically if some decided they did not want to do their part of what was designated for them to do, this wall would not have been completed in a miraculous 52 days.

It is evident that beautiful things happen when the body of Christ comes together to accomplish all that God is asking of each of us.

What also was interesting to me was that the neighboring people were after them to destroy their work and were taunting them with threats to kill them numerous times a day.
Nehemiah set up shifts for his people to be constantly standing on guard. Everyone was told to work with a sword attached to their hip. The burden bearers, ones who would carry the supplies to the workers, would carry supplies with one hand and a sword in the other to make sure they could defend themselves if attacked. Everyone had to watch their back day and night.

In Chapter 4 verse 20, he told everyone that the trumpet blower would be beside him, and since they were spread far apart from each other because of the length of the wall, when they heard the trumpet, they were to rally to him to be able to fight together if being attacked by a large group. He then said, “Our God will fight for us.”

This is symbolic for us because when God gives us a task to walk in, the enemy is right there to taunt us and to cripple us with fear. The powerful weapons that we have is the word of God and prayer. And sometimes when the battle gets too big for us to handle alone, we need to blow our trumpet to rally the body of Christ around us to pray for us and to stand with us. Then just as Nehemiah stated, “Our God will fight for us”. 

Understanding that blowing our trumpet when the battle is overwhelming is not a failure, it is actually how God has set it up for us to be there for each other. There is power in numbers, and we are given strength when we have the body of believers surrounding us. We are not meant to live this life alone and isolated, we are meant to do this life together.

So let’s stop asking the “Why me” and start embracing what God has tasked us with according to what capacity He feels we can handle.
  • Be alert, understanding that we are in a battle and the enemy does not want beautiful things to happen through our life.
  • Be confident that God has given us everything we need to fight each battle that comes our way.
  • Be encouraged and strengthen yourself in the word of God and in prayer. These are incredible spiritual weapons.
  • Be willing to blow your trumpet if needed.  It is biblical to rally a friend or group of believers around you to pray and to encourage you. We do not have to fight these battles alone.

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