Rescued kids from becoming trafficked
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Rescued kids from becoming trafficked

In September 2013 we were able to rescue 40 children from becoming trafficked in Benin. The children are all in school and we are working hard to help the parents with small business endeavors so they can feed their children. We are seeing beautiful results from these endeavors. 

Five sewing machines were provided for our anti trafficking team to manage in the village. Three sew machines are being used by 3 villagers. Each person who is using the machines each pay 14.00 per month to use the machines.  In 14 months of paying monthly to use their machine, that money will be used to purchase the machine they are using, and it will become their own. Another new/ used machine will be purchased for another woman or man to start their sewing business. The 14.00 dollars that goes into the pot from those who are sewing is being used to loan to woman to start small businesses.  Little micro loans are being made for 4.00 per woman to purchase food things that they can make things to sell in the market with.  The woman are paying it back at the end of the month with an extra 20 cents added for interest.  These ladies are all so poor, these amounts are working for them to start up small income businesses. They have around 50 women doing these small businesses from those loans. This has become very successful.

The other two machines are being kept with one of the team members of the Anti trafficking team. She is teaching the woman at her place how to make bags and purses. She just started doing this. She said she will let me know how this goes. She is trying to find higher income generating things for the women to sell.

These are two testimonials from 2 parents of children on the feeding program we implemented with the children who we helped get into school.  We are providing a hot lunch at school for the 40 rescued children.

Here are two testimonials.

I am the  reason why the  team  came to our  village . In previous years I could not buy a uniform  for my child, or provide school supplies  for him, so he was never able to go to school. This year every thing  has  changed, my  child has a school uniform, school stuff and is able to eat food every day at school. I  notice that my child never misses class and loves  to go to school  because, he knows he will get something to eat there. God bless the team

I  had a plan to send my child to Nigeria this last year, but when the  team came asking for names of children who could not attend school, and who were going to be sent away, I  quickly gave my child's name to the team. I am thanking the team for giving my child food at school every week. The food they are getting at school keeps them from coming home at 10  am to look for food at lunchtime. Most of the time they would not return to school because they had no food to eat. God  has  used the team to solve this problem.

I am so thankful to God and to all those who are helping us to make sure these kids stay rescued and not another statistic of trafficking. This is incredible work.

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