Child Trafficking
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Inspired to Action blog posts by Rebecca Pratt

Child Trafficking

“Rebecca, will you please start another safe home in our area?” pleaded the influential judge I was meeting with while in Benin, West Africa. “This last month I arrested a man at the Nigerian border who was trafficking 16 very little children into Nigeria.”
   “Tell me about this case,” I replied. The judge began to explain that parents in a certain village gave their little children to this man who said he would take them so they would not have an extra mouth to feed. In an area where survival is difficult, they willingly gave their children away without so much as a second thought. This man then took them to the Nigerian border to sell into slavery, only thinking of the profit he would be making.
   The judge then said, “Rebecca, these villagers are not bad people; this is just a consequence of poverty. I just could not believe how little the children were.”
   I then asked the tough question. “Tell me, Judge; where did you take those children when you rescued them?” He put his head down, and then answered me. “That’s the worst part of this whole thing, Rebecca. We had nowhere to put the children, so we took them back to the village. My fear is that they will soon be trafficked out again. The parents do not want their children.”
   During our meeting, the judge thanked me for what Orphan Relief and Rescue is already doing with the current safe home/orphanage we are having such huge success with, which is currently full with 60 children. He then asked me to not forget the many others who daily come into the system with no place to go. 
   As I left his office, I said a prayer for these precious little children. Then I breathed another prayer to God to please bring more safe homes into existence and give us a game plan on how we can help on a larger scale and to affect villages for long-term change in this area.
   In the meantime we continue to be extremely thankful for the kids we have been able to rescue through your partnership. Without you none of this work would be possible. If you are not partnering with us, please consider helping us. 

This is a girl from a village at high risk of being trafficked.

These are girls who are thriving in our safe home/orphanage.
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