Game Changers
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Inspired to Action blog posts by Rebecca Pratt

Game Changers

It is 5:45 in the morning, and I am awakened by the sound of 61 children singing and praying their little hearts out to God. This has become more than a ritual for the children in the House of Hope orphanage/safe home in Benin; it has become a way of survival in this spiritually dark place.
   Each morning I lay in my bed, thanking God for such resilience and such grace in each of these children’s lives as their prayers echo into my room. Around half of the children in this home were rescued from being domestic servants who were terribly abused. Others have seen parents murdered before their eyes, and others have watched parents wither and die from AIDS and other illnesses.
   This morning, I had to get up and look out my window in order to breathe in God’s redemptive story as I watched them in action. They are praying for their villages and for all of you who keep this dream alive. They take these prayer times very serious.
   These children are the game changers in this very dark place known as the voodoo capital of the world. Last night from midnight to 2 am, I could hear the voodoo drums pounding in the distance. A reminder that the presence of evil is alive and active in the surrounding areas just outside these sacred walls.
   Before arriving in this home, many of the children did not know a God of love even existed. Thanks to your partnership, these precious children are able to break free from the cycle of abuse.They will one day return to their villages to share about a God of love, mercy, grace and a God who values every life incredibly. Please continue to give towards these efforts as well as keep us and these kids in your prayers. You are a critical link in their lives. Thank you!

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