How to know when God is speaking
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Inspired to Action blog posts by Rebecca Pratt

How to know when God is speaking

   In speaking at a ladies luncheon in Phoenix Arizona a couple weeks ago, I was asked by the ladies how I determine if God is speaking to me about something He wants me to do. How can I be sure it is not something I have made up in my own mind?
   They wanted to know for their own lives how they can clearly know the difference between God’s voice, the enemies voice, and their own voice.
   I shared with them some ways over the years that I have used to determine whether God is speaking to me about something or not.
   In using these steps, I also let people know that as you get closer and closer to God in your personal relationship with Him, you will learn to hear his voice more clearly. He is always speaking, and it is a matter of quieting our lives to hear his whispers as I wrote about in one of my previous blogs.

Determining if it is God’s voice.
This is how I personally evaluate if God’s spirit has truly spoken to me about something He wants me to do.  

1. The first voice or strong impression I get about something God wants me to do is usually God. The Second voice is usually me disputing that is was really God speaking to me. The Third voice is usually the enemy telling me that It for sure is not God. 

2. If it is not normally something I would have thought of myself, it usually is God. 

3. If it aligns with the Bible, and has to do with Redemption, Restoration, or Rescuing of people, it is usually God. Because that is the business God is always in.  (It could be as simple as praying healing for someone, or doing something for someone you normally would not think of doing). We can even add animals and His creation in this, as I felt I was to pray healing for a cat who had clubbed feet and couldn't walk. God healed that cat completely. So God's business encompasses so much more than we can imagine.  

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