Inspired-The breath of God
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Inspired to Action blog posts by Rebecca Pratt

Inspired-The breath of God

In a prayer time with our Orphan Relief and Rescue staff, one of my co workers named Elena shared this as we were praying for all those who will be reading the book "Inspired to Action". I asked her to write it down, because of how beautifully it came to her. This is what she shared, that will encourage all who are reading or are preparing to read the book soon. May you feel God's breath upon you as you scroll through the pages.

From Elena:
As I was sitting there, thinking about the book. I couldn't help but think about how perfect the title "Inspired to Action" really is. See, I once did a study on the word "inspiration" and all the different things it could mean. One of the things I found in my research is that it's often a word used while speaking about the respiratory process--in other words, breathing. When you breathe in a breath, you are inhaling; you are inspiring
But you can take it a step further. Christians believe that Scripture was inspired by the Holy Spirit; it even says in the Word that all Scripture is God-breathed. So that means it's possible that, while breathing, while inhaling, it's possible to take in something other than air. Therefore, inspiration (when in a Christian context) is quite literally breathing in the Holy Spirit!So I was thinking about this and the book, and how when people are reading, they are going to be "inspired to action." And I saw that, as people read the pages, the inspiration is really going to be from the Holy Spirit; as they digest your words, the Spirit is going to be breathed in by them! And it doesn't stop there. As the Spirit is inspired, people are going to be moved to action: I kept getting a picture of the dry bones in Ezekiel, and how they came to life when they were breathed on! I could see the people reading your book and literally coming awake, coming to life, because of the Holy Spirit! It was such a beautiful picture. This is more than just a book; it's a tool to allow the Spirit to move!

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