Brokenness can bring about something beautiful
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Inspired to Action blog posts by Rebecca Pratt

Brokenness can bring about something beautiful

Through a time of reflection I have realized that it is through hardships and difficulties that I have been brought to a level of brokenness I never expected I would have to walk through in my lifetime. In looking around I have seen that many of us have become battered and worn out through the trials of our lives. Some around us have become bitter because of what they have had to endure, while others of us have chosen to run to God and allow hardships to bring us to a new level of humility and sensitivity towards others who are going through tough things themselves. As we choose to go down the latter road, then through the healing process we are awakened to a whole new level of compassion, allowing us to extend a healing hand to those who we may not have been able to reach before we experienced deep pain. I have learned that this then becomes the precious touch of God flowing from our lives. May we daily be awakened to what we were made to be and what we were meant to do in this world – to live fully alive. May we also daily get a glimpse of what it will take for us to leave the dark cellar of a battered life and experience the life which is destined for us to live in partnership with God.  We only get one shot at life. I have determined to not waste my days living for myself. Will you join me in living life to the fullest as God intended until we take our last breath?
Live in such a way that God's love can bless you as you wait for the eternal life that our Lord Jesus Christ in his mercy is going to give you. - Jude 1:21 
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