The beginning of being Inspired to Action
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Inspired to Action blog posts by Rebecca Pratt

The beginning of being Inspired to Action

The purpose of this blog is to Inspire you to action on behalf of the hurting in this world. I have come to the conclusion that a life unto myself is no life at all. In the last 13 years I have chosen to use my life to help others in front of me. In doing so I never realized the adventure that would take place by walking in partnership with God, and how I would actually come alive in the process. I have never been so fulfilled in all my life.  It has been a crazy ride with God. I am convinced more than ever before that we are the conduit in which God chooses to use to bring His perfect will to pass here on earth. Through this blog you will be inspired, challenged and taken on a few journeys with me. I also have a book coming out in December called "Inspired to Action" How following the promptings of your heart can change the world. In this book you will be come to understand what you were meant to do in this world in partnership with God.  So stay tuned!
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